Lana Sokoloff

Aleatoric Heroine Our of one newest members is Lana Sokoloff. Her massive abstractions defy the very concept of traditional art by breaking all the rules with such brazen chutzpah that she’s come full cycle and is garnering considereable respect and acclaim. Her bravery with paint is nothing short of heroic and the scale of her work inspires words like “epic” and “monumental” By consummating her sisterhood with nature duaring the application of paint to her canvases, natural forms begin to coalesce when you least expect them. At glance you see a figure or a face or butterfly or an alien space creature, but upon subsequent inspection you realize there were not solely the products of an artists mind. Something else had influence on these masterpieces. Lana Sokoloff, an aleatoric artist in the purest sense, had the daring to trust that something else and the results are something else indeed.”

Ray Cabarga “Aleatoric Art in 21st Century”, Book. November 30,2012


The beauty of colors and sunny attitude inspire Lana Sokoloff to create her bright and passionate artwork,which is full of energy that reflects the outside environment just as much as her internal moods. Her daring use of color and interesting organic technique of paint application without brush draw people in with an almost hypnotic pull. Lana was born and raised in St. Petersburg,  Russia, where she always dreamt of living her life as a painter. Today her work currently exhibited in several galleries in Los Angeles, including Gallery GoDo, Optical Allusion Gallery, and Brewery Art Walk of spring 2011, The American Juried Art Salon. Her artwork has been sold to private collectors in USA, Canada and Russia. “…A new organic technique to paint without brushes gave me freedom and unlimited possibility to create movement and show the energy – what I love for everyday”.

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The photography presented within this collection was honored at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, July 13th, 2015.