Lana Sokoloff
Little Lana

I was born and raised in Russia and began drawing when I was 3 years old. I spend many days at the art studio where my Mom worked as a batik artist. I was 8 years old when my Dad shared his passion for photography with me and thought me how to operate the camera. When I moved to sunny California I was blown away. I was inspired and stimulated by the colors of the sky, flowers,trees,ocean. I could no longer contain my excitement, I felt intoxicated by the colors surrounding me, and decided to start painting. I create my paintings outdoors, under the California sun, where I have the freedom to work physically, without restraint. There is an organic quality to the process, utilizing fluid color to create movement. I never use brushes. Paint is applied to the canvas by dripping, pouring, blowing and splashing, with water sprayed onto the surface. Painting for me is about capturing the physical and emotional energy that I experience while being completely lost in the process.