Lana Sokoloff

old photo

I’ve been inspired by Lana Sokoloff's work for a long time and now I am very fortunate to have Lana’s painting in my apartment.  I love Lana’s abstract style and the fact that her artwork has so much positive energy and color. The painting I have has a lot of bluish and yellowish colors in it. When I got the painting, I couldn't wait to put it on the wall in my living room. It instantaneously brightened up the living space! The painting radiates happiness, love, and joy.  This gorgeous piece of art was an inspiration for me to get an orange coach and I absolutely love the concept of it. My room feels lively and complete! I believe that Lana’s modern style can be a great addition to any interior design.

  Lana Sini

Little Lana

I am so proud and happy to have one of Lana’s paintings. The painting absolutely uplifts my space and completes my room. It is inspiring and makes me happy. I even use the painting in one of my own projects, a music video.All of my friends love the painting. It has passion, depth, and feeling. Thank you so much for your vision and your talent.

Maria Novikova

Little Lana

Your paintings really gives my 'bachelor pad’a sense of style.  It gives the place that wonderful modern feeling and depth. I get so many compliments every single time I have visitors. I can stare at your painting for hours, there is so much meaning, intelligence,peace at your work .

Ilia Martynov

Little Lana Lana's paintings are just amazing!!! The colors in the painting bring so much life and energy into my home. I love to look at it throughout the day because I see how the changing light brings out different shades and meanings in the painting. They make my house so much fun and cozy.  Thank you Lana for making my house a home. 


When I asked Lana to make a painting for my office in downtown warehouse in Los Angeles I didn’t know what to expect. I was stunned when she brought her piece for me: it brought a feeling of light and warmth to my office, making the cold warehouse office look like a bright and sunny day. I loved her work so much, that when I began remodeling my contemporary condo, I asked Lana to help bring warm colors into the contemporary space. She did a group of paintings for that project and I was amazed at how beautifully her work transformed the entire feeling of the place. The way Lana mixed yellows and greens expressed her unique sense of color that made my space look sophisticated, artsy and one-of-a-kind.

Lilia Gorodnitski

My world is nicer because of you - Thank you so much! I love my original piece of art. It’s such a wonderful addition to my home. I will treasure it always.

Daniela Zee